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What motivates us

We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the comfort of handmade bed linen. Because when using a high quality duvet cover, you will sleeps like being bedded in clouds. And good sleep just changes everything. It fills the energy reserves, ensures balance and strengthens your immune system.

Over 180 years of experience have made us true masters in textile processing. The quality of our bed linen is - without exaggeration - incomparable.

You will get our bed linen at a fair price and will sleep better than ever before.


Our Promise

Focus On What Counts The Most - By reducing the selection of colors, only offering standard sizes and with the sustainable orientation of our production, we can offer you a high quality bed linen at a fair price. We only stock finished products as few as necessary, so that there isn’t any overproduction.

100 Years Satisfaction Guarantee - Since we do not accept anything less than perfection, you will always receive the highest quality. Our oldest product, which we were allowed to rework, comes from 1892. The button goes off? Something does not feel right? Our manufactory in Bielefeld takes care of it!

We Produce Bed Linen In High Quality

Handmade in Bielefeld - We manufacture each of our bed linen by hand in Bielefeld. The thread-perfect cut, unique textile buttons and a high degree of precision guarantee a lifelong linen experience.

Fair” Origin - Our fabrics come from Europe and comply with the OEKO-TEX 100 standard. So they do not travel halfway around the world, they are only processed in our small traditional manufactory in Bielefeld.