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Halbleinen dunkelgrau
Halbleinen dunkelgrau
Halbleinen dunkelgrau
Halbleinen dunkelgrau

half linen dark gray

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For those who prefer dark bedding, we offer our half linen sheets in dark gray.

The mixed fabric of linen and cotton provides a soft feeling on the skin and at the same time it is light and breathable. That ensures for a wonderful sleep, which you deserve!

Origin and Processing

Our fabrics come from Europe and are ECO-TEX certified. They are further processed in our factory in Bielefeld. Over 180 years of experience have made us true masters in textile processing. The quality of our bed linen is incomparable. String straight cuts, tear-resistant seams and handmade textile buttons are the standard for us. We only accept perfection, when it comes to our own products. And this is exactly what our customers love: bed linen that is still like new even after a 100 years.

Buttons instead of Zippers

Many bedding manufacturers use zippers and admittedly that is very convenient. However, we rely on textile buttons. Because if you use buttons instead of zippers, the air in your bedding can circulate and so moisture is reduced better. Even if that doesn’t sound romantic, we all know that it is quite natural to sweat while sleeping. So to not disturb your sleep comfort, it is important that your bedding can "breathe".

In addition, zippers are made of plastic and do break often. So they are not very sustainable. Our textile buttons - made by hand - are plastic-free and shatterproof thanks to a small metal ring. A button may be a small fine detail, but that's exactly what makes the quality difference.

Product Care

It is easy to take care of your half linen. You can simply put them together in the washing machine at 60° C. ( Even cooking at 90° is possible, but you do not have to, because our linen and cotton are cultivated without pesticides). Use a mild detergent and your bed linen will be happy. It dries quickly after washing and its natural creasing look is true to style.

3 Steps to more Sustainability

  1. Origin
    Our fabrics come from Europe and comply with the OEKO-TEX standard. They will be processed in our manufactory in Bielefeld.
  2. On Demand
    Overproduction often leads to goods being thrown away. Hard to believe, but actually one can assume that 10% of the goods of conventional manufacturers will be never sold, but thrown away. Clear to see that this isn’t sustainable. Therefore, we do not produce in stock, but on demand. Your bed linen is only made when you have ordered it from us.
  3. Longevity
    Since we do not accept anything but perfection when it comes to our products, you will always get the highest quality of long living bed linen. It happens often that customers tell us that our bed linen is perfect even after more than 50 years. So if you buy one of our manufactory products, you won’t need any others any more. This not only reduces your efforts, but also reduces your ecological footprint.

Oversized Duvet Covers (from 200cm width)

In order to offer you over-wide bed linen, we have developed a very special technique:

Your cover is cut in three parts and will be processed across. So that you will not have to see an ugly seam on the front, we "hide" it under a sewn fold.

This also looks pretty decorative.

Half linen = chain pure cotton - pure flax (or linen)