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Waschmittel für Textilien, 240ml (6,25€/100ml)
Waschmittel für Textilien, 240ml (6,25€/100ml)
Waschmittel für Textilien, 240ml (6,25€/100ml)

laundry detergent

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Our detergent is based on natural ingredients

Our detergent is specially designed for skin-friendly natural fibers such as half linen. It doesn’t contain artificial or aggressive ingredients and therefore it gently cleans your natural products without attacking the textile! Without optical brightener or bleach, the color remains bright and fresh.

How to use it

The dosage at medium water hardness are two caps and a washing temperature of 60 ° C. The indicated dosage is enough for 12 machine washes. Please pay attention to a correct dosage, because too much detergent can harden the material and the colors lose their luminosity. Always wash with a well-filled machine. A crowded or underfilled machine favors the pilling of your laundry. Always wash white and colored laundry separately.

Advices for stain treatment

For colored laundry, dab the items, that won’t loose color anymore, with a few drops of detergent before washing. After about 10 minutes of exposure time, wash the goods as usual.

Content: 240ml